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American Diaries – 27 Aug 2003

Part 3/3. Reading this predictive piece now, thirteen years later, I am not surprised by my ambitions, and my failure to meet some of them. But I am also pleased that some of the things I wanted just, well, they just kinda happened anyway. I eat better now, I have a good tech setup, I still make time for my hobbies. I’ve even kept up with some of the people I listed. Best for me is that I put a big print of one of my photos on the wall for the first time ever just a few weeks ago. Wednesday 27 August 2003 14:30 Some goals for the UK: (let’s see if I will follow them!) Take more photos: Of those whom I love doing whatever they do Of those places I love and place of thing that has beauty for me Fire off risky shots, especially indoors and when moving, […]

American Diaries – 25 Aug 2003

Part 2/3. To my mind, this journal entry was written at the lowest point of our nine-month trip. We had planned a round-the-world journey since we were 15. We were now 23 and we’d made it from Vancouver to San Diego before we gave up and begged our way home. The language is confusing, I think, but I remember what I was trying to say. I can picture the imagery in my mind clearly even now, in 2016. The importance of this journal entry, and the previous one (20/08/03) which is similarly bleak, is to remember that paradise can be a trap of lethargy and discontent, just as hell can be heaven. It’s perspective, and it makes me smile, the way you smile at an old friend when they’re sad but you know they’ll be OK, even if they don’t. Monday 25 August 2003 The Apartment, San Diego 17:00 In two […]

American Diaries – 20 Aug 2003

Part 1/3. This is the first time I’ve transcribed an excerpt from the old black notebook I bought on my travels in 2002-3. I’ve kept the original wording, with only tiny amendments for spelling and grammar. Otherwise it’s verbatim: warts and all.   23:45 Wednesday 20 August 2003 4175 Executive Drive, La Jolla In short, I awoke this morning late again only to sink into my usual uncomfortable frustration at our current lack of progress. My back ached terribly, partly as a result of a bad night’s sleep (not for any particular reason) and partly because we had spent Monday night sleeping – trying to sleep – in the wilderness of the Angeles National Forest near Pasadena. Fortunately, Nick persuaded me to go for a surf with him and that sorted me right out. I got the workout that /I needed and my aching back and aching brain found total relief. On returning to the apartment […]