Northern Ireland Science Park Promo Video

Promotional Videos

Made by Me Publicly-available examples of client promo videos I wrote, shot, directed, edited and published. Let's Grow Together: An Overview of Northern Ireland Science Park and the Knowledge Economy My longstanding client, the Northern Ireland Science Park, made a last-minute request to produce a video that would tell the story of the [...]

One Million Years JCB by Ben Bland

Short Films & Entertainment

On occasion – not nearly as much as I'd like – I've had the chance to make videos purely to explore the creative ideas behind them. I started making movies with my brother and friends as soon as we could get our hands on our parents' cameras. That was long before an artistic and technical hobby drifted [...]

Video Production by Ben Bland

Travel Films

I have been shooting moving images since I was a kid, when my dad first let me get my hands on his Back-to-the-Future-esque camcorder. As an adult I began recording my life in uncomfortably fine detail. But later, after taking an increasing number of commercial production jobs, I started to add some structure to my personal filmmaking. Most of [...]