I have been working in digital for over a decade, initially in London, then in Belfast from 2010. I started working in-house, managing and building web businesses, before going into the London agency scene to provide strategic digital consulting. In 2008 I went freelance. Since then I’ve consulted a huge range of businesses, helping them to figure out smart, effective digital solutions that are tailored to their unique set of business objectives, market, resources and capabilities. In 2016 I became a full-time member of the team at Sensum, a fast-growing tech startup that makes sense of human emotions to deliver cutting-edge research, marketing, content and experiences.

Alongside digital consulting, my insatiable passion for tech and creative projects has taken me into areas such as tech journalism, filmmaking, photography, website creation, digital fabrication and hardware prototyping. I’m a big part of the local business community, running events and groups, speaking and facilitating workshops, as well as connecting disparate people and businesses for cross-discipline collaboration.

So I’m a generalist – a jack of all trades, master of none. I bring a different mix of experience and skills to each project, seeking a creative solution to suit each unique challenge.


Account Manager

I’m immensely proud to be a full-time member of the team that is building Sensum, pioneering new tools and services in the field of human emotions. My role bridges the ground between our product team and the global brands and agencies we get to call our clients. Each new project we deliver takes us into uncharted territory, requiring new creative and technical solutions that make our work rewarding and challenging every day.

Eubius – great company


Founding director of a pioneering platform that connects smart, creative people with each other and with exceptional projects. Together, we share in each other’s success and collaborate in a way that traditional companies couldn’t.

Farset Labs – the Belfast hackerspace

Non-Executive Manager

Founding member and former director of Northern Ireland’s first hacker- / makerspace. We are a community of curious, clever people with a shared love of the hacker ethic, making things together in our co-operative workshop. I lead the development of business relations and growth.