Project Description

Made by Me

Publicly-available examples of client promo videos I wrote, shot, directed, edited and published.

Let’s Grow Together: An Overview of Northern Ireland Science Park and the Knowledge Economy

My longstanding client, the Northern Ireland Science Park, made a last-minute request to produce a video that would tell the story of the organisation’s outstanding growth. Following the peace process in Northern Ireland, the Science Park embarked on a mission to bridge the gaps between industry, government and academia. In so doing, the park has expanded to multiple sites and thousands of tenants. I wrote and created a short video to illustrate this.

North West Regional Science Park – Celebrating a Successful Launch

My longstanding client, the Northern Ireland Science Park, wanted to give something back to the sponsors of their extension into the North West region of the island of Ireland. Around the inevitable talking heads, I wanted to give a little life and shine to the project so I spent a few days travelling up to Derry to capture the main building in its best light. I took the opportunity to play with a range of range of styles including time-lapse, slow motion and animated text.

Donegall Diamonds Ladies Waterpolo Club – Belfast

I was asked by my girlfriend’s waterpolo club to produce something that could provide an intro to the club for their website, which I built for them.

On the Team

Promotional business videos that I helped to create.

Generation Innovation 2014

Contributed to the concepting and production management. Oh, and I appear in it for a brief time, under the pretence that I am supposed to be a “young” entrepreneur. At twice the age of the intended audience, that’s maybe pushing it.

Generation Innovation: Seeking Young Game-Changers for Northern Ireland (2013)

Wrote script and contributed to the concepting and production management. Aaaand in this one I performed the voiceover at the start, in spite of having nearly losing my voice that day.

RetroTech / FutureTech Event at CultureTech 2014

B Camera – providing some of the pretty background shots of lights and people, and the time-lapse at the end.

NISP CONNECT 25k Awards 2013 Alumni

Managed production and interviewed guests. The time-lapse at the start is one of mine, too.