Digital Media & Technology, Innovation & Adventure

In a word, I’m a storyteller – I help people figure out how to turn complex problems into simple, compelling solutions. And I try to get myself into some memorable escapades along the way.

Right now, I’m probably either:

Consulting on innovation & strategy at Loopers,

Sharing tools & processes for brighter business at Neoco (and its channels),

Building new products to improve: AI development, independent work, and more,

Chairing a global group for AI ethics standards,

Or maybe making films, writing, travelling… more on my roles here.

Note: this is my personal website. I rarely update it, some of the content is very old, and it’s missing a lot. If you want to know more about my work and current activities, you’re probably best finding me at and I sometimes blog at We Are Loopers.

Some Creations

Northern Ireland Science Park Promo Video

Promo & Documentary Videos

Made by Me Publicly-available examples of client promos and personal documentaries I wrote, shot, directed, edited and published. I've made several more that remain private. Diamonds North Channel Swim I [...]

One Million Years JCB by Ben Bland

Short Films & Entertainment

On occasion – not nearly as much as I'd like – I've had the chance to make videos purely to explore the creative ideas behind them. I started making movies with my brother and friends as soon [...]

Video Production by Ben Bland

Travel Films

I have been shooting moving images since I was a kid, when my dad first let me get my hands on his Back-to-the-Future-esque camcorder. As an adult I began recording my life in uncomfortably fine [...]

TechWatch Articles by Ben Bland

Writing & Editing

Business & Technical Writing Copywriting, PR content, journalism, web copy, brand messaging, marketing materials... I'm experienced at getting deep into my client's objectives and audiences, and adapting the style of writing to suit. [...]

Ben Bland Create Conference

Presenting, Events & Educating

Presenting, Events and Educating I get dragged out on occasion to speak with passion and energy about a pretty broad spectrum of topics relating to technology, innovation, the internet, creativity and everything in between. I'm [...]


Thanks Cancer. Now F*ck off.

October 9th, 2018|

It has been many months since completing my treatment for rectal cancer. My tumour is gone. I’m clear. I’m back. I have felt compelled to write about the experience yet lacked the motivation to do [...]