Project Description

Business & Technical Writing

Copywriting, PR content, journalism, web copy, brand messaging, marketing materials… I’m experienced at getting deep into my client’s objectives and audiences, and adapting the style of writing to suit.

In recent years I have been published in Hackernoon, ReadWrite, IEEE Beyond Standards, a couple of scientific journals, and in various newspapers, radio shows and podcasts.

Travel Blogging

I have an insatiable appetite for world travel and an irrepressible urge to record the adventures that it brings with it.

Red, Dead or Med: Three Idiots, Three Countries and Three Seas, in Eight Days in the Middle East

Note: this was one of my early attempts to craft a single travel journal piece from an adventure. Two of my best buddies and I spent eight chaotic, harebrained days in the Middle East in the autumn of [...]

My View from the Lip: Six Months of Surf and Self-reflection on the Nicaraguan Pacific

Note: this is an unusually long post, as it covers a six-month period in one place. And, while this post focuses on our surfing experience, it runs simultaneously with the more general piece about [...]

Hoofing it Through the Cloud Forest in Miraflor, Northern Highlands

Note: Following the previous post from Los Zorros, in the northwest of Nicaragua, we travelled by bus to Estelí, in the more central northern region of highlands that border Honduras. We followed instructions for where [...]