Part 3/3. Reading this predictive piece now, thirteen years later, I am not surprised by my ambitions, and my failure to meet some of them. But I am also pleased that some of the things I wanted just, well, they just kinda happened anyway. I eat better now, I have a good tech setup, I still make time for my hobbies. I’ve even kept up with some of the people I listed. Best for me is that I put a big print of one of my photos on the wall for the first time ever just a few weeks ago.

Wednesday 27 August 2003

Some goals for the UK: (let’s see if I will follow them!)

  • Take more photos:
    • Of those whom I love doing whatever they do
    • Of those places I love and place of thing that has beauty for me
    • Fire off risky shots, especially indoors and when moving, in the hope of creating more crazy, unusual pics.
  • Go through my travel notes and consolidate those things that I have learnt and felt in order to improve my way of living at home
  • Explore more hobbies and ideas, ie: spend less time in front of the TV or whatever and more writing, photographing, reading, researching – all in all: learning and developing a greater portfolio.
  • Maintain correspondence and an inspiring line of dialogue with travel friends abroad[1].

Some things to do at home:

  • Contact travel friends in the UK, eg:
    • Drew (give him his CD!)
    • The Colchester crew from Whistler
    • Sam Cottom
    • Erin (Richards)
  • Pay back Matt & Drew


  1. It’s worth noting that this aim to keep in touch with travel friends was something I did a pretty good job of living up to, at first. But I lost it over the years. Then a few days ago a dear friend sent me a long email from New Zealand, in an attempt to do something similar for himself. And it was precisely this act that inspired me to transcribe these journal notes today.